As always, our number one priority is meeting the needs of our clients. Using our cutting-edge technologies combined with a true old-fashioned commitment to customer service helps to set us apart from the competition. We listen attentively to our clients, and their feedback allows us to maintain or our commitment to continuous improvement. That same feedback also helps us ensure that we’re meeting our clients’ needs in every aspect of performance. Come and join the many others who have already made Marple Fleet Leasing their trusted partner in vehicle fleet leasing.

Our tailored solutions address the life cycle of your fleet – from strategic planning and financing to management and remarketing – to give you the maximum return on your investment. For more than twenty years, Marple has been discovering new ways to help fleet managers and drivers work more efficiently and effectively. In the office or on the road, discover innovative ways to get more done with fewer resources by partnering with us.

Meeting your needs is our number one priority. Utilizing our cutting-edge technologies combined with old-fashioned customer service values and systematic feedback from you allows us to validate every aspect of our program and performance. Experience the unparalleled satisfaction driven by Marple's customer focus today.

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Marple Fleet Leasing was established in 2001 to serve the vehicle fleet leasing needs of clients in the vehicle rental, commercial, government, and not-for-profit sectors. Over the past few decades, Marple has established an enviable reputation across the U.S. for listening attentively to its clients and then responding with tailored solutions to meet these needs across all client sectors.

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