Commercial Fleet Solutions

Your fleet has unique needs, and systematically meeting those needs is critical to the success of your business. For each stage in your fleet’s life cycle, from leasing to remarketing, our experts bring you every advantage, designing flexible customized solutions that optimize your fleet’s performance.

When it’s time to place new vehicles in your fleet, you want cost-effective financing that make sense for your business and vehicles that will deliver the lowest overall cost of ownership. Whether your fleet is large or small, we bring our financial and vehicle cost experience and strength to help make your financing and acquisition decisions easy, straightforward and profitable.

Government Fleet Solutions

As all government agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels are tasked with doing more with less, vehicle leasing saves money that can be used to provide a seemingly ever-increasing number of services. Through leasing, agencies pay only for the utilized portion of a vehicle’s total cost.

For most governmental organizations, the fleet is a substantial owned asset and improving its management is preferable to raising taxes and fees. Asset based management, when successfully implemented, empowers department and agency senior staff to strive for more market based goals, including efficient acquisition, lowering operating costs, and disposition of excess assets.

Marple can assist in developing and introducing asset based fleet management strategies and techniques to governmental agencies of all sizes. The overall framework includes a clear understanding of vehicular assets, the need for a comprehensive inventory of fleet assets including upfitting parts and accessories, and consistent standards of accounting and reporting across departments.

Educational & Non-Profit Fleet Solutions

Marple works with small, medium and large educational and non-profit institutions to identify savings and implement strategies to capture those savings. These strategies include optimizing vehicle replacement cycles, outsourcing vehicle programs, and negotiating vehicle acquisition costs and maintenance cost reductions. We can reduce your overall fleet costs through critically reviewing fleet mix, conducting fleet utilization analyses, and structuring vehicle cost/fuel savings tradeoff analyses.